About James Firebrace

James was born in London, with an international early childhood in Austria and Holland, and early schooling in French.

He gained an MA in Social and Political Science from Cambridge University with a 1st for his final dissertation, following a switch from Mathematics where he gained a 1st in Part 1A. In 1990 he took a year out as Sloan Fellow at the London Business School where he was awarded the distinction of his year and an MSc in International Management and Business Administration. Subsequent courses include Change Management at Gemini University (Princeton, USA), Managing Stakeholder Dialogues (Environment Council), and Industrial Transitions (Schumacher College / Amory Lovins).

James has a good understanding of French, at one time chairing bilingual meetings; and intermediate level Modern Standard Arabic, while being conversationally competent in the Arabic of the Arabian Peninsular. He also has basic Italian and Spanish, with some Portuguese and German.

He is an elected Fellow of the RSA (FRSA) which hosts debate on the international social, economic, environmental and political issues of the day, and has been active in developing international leading practice on addressing major social and environmental challenges through industry and public policy conferences, building on the practical experience of having worked through many of these issues with his clients.